Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm passionate about baking allergen friendly and vegan pies. My passion sprouted from battling with my oldest sons extreme food allergies. Watching the pain and suffering he has gone through made my heart ache. Especially now as he has gotten older, he realizes that he can't eat what the majority of his friends can. I wanted to create delicious treats that kids (and adults) can enjoy. Watching the look on my sons face as he enjoys what I make is probably one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. I want to bring this happiness to everyone! This is my dream and my passion.


Our Baked Goods

All of our pies, cakes, and cookies are free from top allergens and vegan and gluten-free. 

Finally. a 100% GF and allergy-Friendly bakery.

We bake out of a commercial kitchen in Edgewood and deliver deliciousness to your doorstep.